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Beat the Buyer to the punch by having your own inspections

Thinking about selling your home?

While making those little cosmetic repairs, decluttering and sprucing up the landscaping it’s a great idea to get some inspections out of the way before you are in escrow.  Here on the beautiful central coast of California a home inspection will run you between $350 and $500.  Other inspections you should consider would be a pest inspection ($75-100), if you are on a well and septic then you can get those inspected/tested as well.

Typically a home inspection is a buyer expense (here on the central coast, other areas have different customs), however by getting the inspection prior to bringing the home onto the market you have the opportunity to meet with the inspector, make the repairs you choose to make (be sure to disclose everything to the buyer, repairs modifications made to the house as well as repairs needed and not addressed).

I bet you are asking yourself why spend the money before you have to?  A lot of the issues that inspectors find are minor, simple to fix or general maintenance items.  By taking the time to get the report you can address these issues before a buyer is involved.

Sometimes inspectors find major issues (think mold, foundation problems) that affect the overall value of the property.  You as the seller can get bids from local, reputable companies to resolve the issue and decide to have it fixed or choose to disclose it to the buyer.  What you don’t want is to get a buyer who finds out about an issue, finds the most expensive bid for repairing the issue, then ask for a larger then necessary repair credit, or even worse cancels escrow.

It is better to know what you are dealing with before a buyer is involved so the issue can be addressed. Remember, in California, it does not matter if you are selling your house yourself or using a Realtor you still have the duty to disclose all known issues, repairs and modifications to the property to the buyer.

Selling a home is stressful enough, so why wouldn’t you minimize the stress during escrow and take some of the guess work out of the equation.  The California Real Estate market is hot in most areas, do what you can before you enter escrow so all you have to worry about is packing.


Paso Robles Cabin in the Woods

A quaint cabin on 40 +/- wooded acres on the west side of Paso Robles.  Limited cell reception in the area makes it the perfect weekend retreat.  The house is one bedroom, one bathroom with a kitchen and living area with a wonderful wood stove for heat.  Downstairs has been renovated into additional living space (permit status unknown).

Relax on the deck with your drink of choice and take in the views.  This property is approximately 35-45 minutes from town so be sure to do your grocery shopping before you head home!

Asking $294,900.

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Quaint home in the vineyards, Prices starting at $465,000

Have you ever wanted a cute home amongst the vineyards?  Now is your chance!  These homes have just had a big price reduction and are ready for new owners!  There are 7 homes available in this development.  The homes are between 1186+/- and 1493+/- sq ft each with a 2 car garage.  Each home is on it’s own 10 acre parcel with producing vineyard.  The homes were built between 2001 and 2006. Prices range from $465,000 to $525,000.

One can purchase the whole development for $3,200,000.  This entails a 71+/- acre vineyard (producing), 7 homes (mentioned above) all currently rented but would make wonderful vacation rentals if one didn’t want full time tenants. The vineyard is Zinfandel, Petite Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay & Cabernet.

The property is located just between Paso Robles and San Miguel near tasting rooms, a short drive to Highway 101 or Highway 46 East.

Call, email, text or message me for more information!

2015 3rd Quarter Review

This report reviews the first three quarters of real estate activity in 2015 for North San Luis Obispo County. The health of a community tends to be reflected in the local real estate market. Extreme current examples would be San Francisco and Detroit. Local real estate is geographically finite and driven by supply and demand.

Sales of residential single family properties increased year over year by 30%. The average price of sold homes bumped up 3.6% to $375,000, on a year to year basis. The supply of homes for sale continued to trend downward. Homes for sale in South Atascadero are in strong demand. Demand for homes in Paso Robles is steady up to $500,000 and Templeton demand is strong up to $600,000.

An important component in the demand for Paso Robles homes, especially on the West-side, is investor appetite for vacation rentals. Most of these investors are from the Bay Area. Templeton demand is fueled largely by families seeking the Templeton School District. South Atascadero is providing a quality, lower cost opportunity for San Luis Obispo employees. Quality, in different categories, is the common denominator in demand for San Luis Obispo Properties.

Million dollar higher end homes are lagging behind in sales as compared to 2014. Supply of big dollar homes is also dropping as sellers wait to see more market activity. Most of these homes are selling below replacement cost. We are now beginning to see investors looking at trophy properties for vacation rentals.

The drought and the uncertainty of the renewed water ordinance has muddied the picture for agricultural properties. There is so much noise about the water situation that people, buyers and sellers, are tentative. Grape prices are still strong for most varietals and this year’s light crop only highlighted that pricing situation.

No one knows the future, but here is one likely scenario. Whatever ordinance/district is ultimately enacted, it will restrict all new irrigated plantings. Existing built/planted properties will be more valuable versus replacement cost. If we have big rain and a defined ordinance, the agricultural situation will improve.

Right now it takes 6-9 months to get a well drilled on raw land. Obviously that time frame has curtailed demand for raw land parcels. Certainly there will be new building and planting restrictions/costs that will further complicate the raw land situation.

Our hotels and restaurants continue to do well in a competitive environment. I think the success of the Golden Hill/46 Intersection is a great example of how far we have come as a community. Our local leadership and citizen volunteers have gone a long way to set the table for a bright future.

Quality never goes out of style. Our community has worked with our wine and AG community to create a destination location for outsiders to enjoy and the locals to prosper. People come to visit, spend money, and then leave. It’s not easy to operate a city with a marginal employment situation. As long as we remain a quality product, this community will move forward.


It seems like the real estate industry is feast or famine.  I feel pretty lucky to have enjoyed more feasts in my career but it makes keeping up on the little things hard.  Little things like websites, marketing and more.  Some days its choosing to work a little harder or spend a little extra time my family (which is important too!).  Balance is key!

Today I spent a few moments updating the coming soon section of my website.  This is something that I have wanted have on a website for quite some time and have not been able to successfully complete.  Today, the first two “coming soon” properties are up with more be posted in the coming weeks.

Ready to roam?

Come meander through the vineyards to this wonderful slice of paradise!  Just minutes away from award winning wine tasting and in a few more minutes you can be at Highway 46 east which can take you anywhere!

This 44+/- acre South Monterey County Estate just had a $30,000 price reduction.  Relax and watch the beautiful sun set over the hills in the evenings.  Peaceful and private location.

Price Reduced in Atascadero

We had a $25,000 price reduction on this unique property in Atascadero!  This fantastic geodesic dome on 2+/- acres features paved road frontage on two sides and is zoned public leaving it open for a number of uses (call or email for a list of uses for that zoning).  Asking $350,000.  The adjacent 2.3+/- acre property is also available for purchase.

Click here for more information and photos:


For those of you who have checked out recently, I have fixed the error for the properties.  Each property should be mapped to the correct post.  I apologize… I guess that is part of learning.  🙂

Central Coast Horse Ranch

Fantastic horse ranch with a 3800+/- square foot, remodeled, 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom main home, with pool on 37.6+/- acres.  The property features a 1/2 mile race track, multiple fenced irrigatable  pastures, laborer’s quarters, shop, 32 stall training barn, 13 stall mare barn, 4 stall breeding barn, 4 stall stud barn, two fowling barns, bay barn, shop, pole barns.

The property is located just east of Atascadero with convenient access to Highway 41 and Highway 101.

The property is in the Williamson act providing the opportunity for lower taxes.

View our virtual tour at:

The asking price is $2,299,000. An additional 22+/- acres can be purchased for a total of 59.7+/- acres.

Harvest Time in Paso Robles

It has started, harvest time here in rural Paso Robles and throughout Wine Country.  Those who live in the rural areas may be inconvenienced by the slow moving harvesters, tractors and trucks moving through the area.  This is a small price to pay for what is to come in October… Harvest Festival!  A time to celebrate all of the hard work over the year and the kickoff to the holiday months ahead.  Click the link below to see some of the celebrations coming up.

If you like wine, this is the place to be!  Sunset Magazine’s Savor the Central Coast will happen later this month at the Santa Margartia Ranch where great wine and amazing food can be tasted.

In November comes the Garagiste Festival showcasing small wine makers! This non-profit event supports the Cal Poly Wine and Viticulture program.

If you love music, come join us for the Paderewski Festival, four days of music honoring Ignancy Jan Paderewski November 5th through the 8th.

Upcoming Events and Purchase Tickets